Sometimes walking through the life you find some people who become family to you and become your own blood TO DEAR SOMEONE, Sorry, I disappear on you for the second time, this letter isn't about trying to reconcile. I've been writing away the seconds while trying to put together the lessons I, have learned from you.... Continue Reading →

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When all the world appears to be in a tumult, and nature itself is feeling the assault of climate change, the seasons retain their essential rhythm. Yes, fall gives us a premonition of winter, but then, winter will be forced to relent, once again, to the new beginnings of soft greens, longer light, and the... Continue Reading →

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Focus 😑

It's natural to focus on negative. One focusses on danger, threat, lack, complaint... Because one's brain is wired to make survival certain... The reason one instantly respond to negativity is so that one can get one's guard up as a reflex... However constantly submitting to basic nature makes this one second skin.... Quite like any... Continue Reading →

Wine or women

Wine and women make wise men date and forsake God's law and do wrong. However, the fault is not in the wine, and often not in the woman. The fault is the one who misuses the wine or the woman or other of God's creations. Even if you get drunk on the wine and through... Continue Reading →

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